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Simple Kitchen Design

Looking for open concept kitchen living room floor plans? Planning a kitchen remodel layout requires a tremendous amount of detail. Save the stress and let us create your kitchen plan for you, while you enjoy sourcing materials with confidence.

kitchen appliances

Kitchen Appliances

We plan to standard sizes, making shopping easy.

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Door and drawer styles, counters and backsplash details.

kitchen island


Bar or table, coffee or snacks, we help you think through your spaces.

kitchen utensil storage


Knowing where your dishes, cutting boards, utensils and more are going to find a home.

kitchen lighting


Pendants, under cabinet, and can lights – we think of it all.


Placement and style, we cover that too!


Kitchen Design

NKBA Standards

Functional Design

Cabinet Elevations

3D Images

Construction Plans

Need open concept kitchen living room floor plans for your remodel design ideas?  Do you know what you want, but not sure how to plan it out? Do you need 3D visuals to see it all pulled together? Utilizing the latest technology of Canvas remodel software and your LiDAR compatible device, you create a scan of the remodel area and order a Chief Architect plan set from the Canvas app at $.20/sf. Once the files are delivered back to you, you will forward to us via email (please include property address) and purchase the as-built package above.

Scanning is easy, it is like “painting a room” with your camera. You will cover every detail in the room with a cloud like surface, making sure that the doors and windows are open to capture the details. It is important to capture the spaces adjacent to the remodel area to ensure we have all the details such as wall thicknesses, ceiling height changes, etc. If you want additional information, check out the Canvas site.

From the scan, we are creating the “as-built” plan for your kitchen. Once we have it dimensioned and schedules created, we then copy the plan set to concept the new designs. Turn-around times vary.  We are currently only offering kitchen and bathroom design plan sets, if you have need for a full home remodel plan set, please email us with the address and needs and we will create a proposal.

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