Planning a Remodel?


renovation planner

Remodel Design Planner | Renovation Guide | Remodel Planner  

It has everything you need to know to build a successful design plan. This is the perfect partner to our floor plan sets, walking you through step-by-step planning and organizing for your contractor.

  • How to create a  plan
  • How to measure and create a floor plan layout
  • How to create a budget
  • Sample mood board
  • Sample spreadsheet
  • Material resources and information
  • Our paint favorites
  • Design planning tips – lighting, layering, material guide
  • How to prepare for your contractor

Get organized and start your remodel off right!

You can also order the Ebook version from our store on Amazon.

How do you plan a house remodel? 80% of homeowner’s will begin to select finishes as their first step. Or many will try to find a free floor plan layout app, but fail to realize that those two steps have to work together.

Every successful home renovation starts with a floor plan. You cannot choose finishes without a floor plan, and if you don’t know how to design a detailed floor plan, your finishes may not work. Our planner walks you through setting up, planning and organizing your remodel successfully. Beautiful finishes need to be thoughtfully selected and having a plan is the first step.


Remodel Design Planner Renovation Planner