Kitchen Remodel Ideas


Kitchen Remodel Ideas rendered to help you visualize for an upcoming remodel. A great first step to help you visualize a new kitchen layout. You provide the Canvas scan, photos, and videos along with inspiration ideas from Pinterest or other sources.  We allow one round of revisions. Once you purchase, we will send a questionnaire. If we don’t receive your questionnaire documents soon after the time of purchase, you will go in the HOLD file until they are received and then be moved to the cue for completion. Once the full file is ready for services, we will send an ETA for delivery of renders. Please email your documents to



Having a hard time visualizing your kitchen remodel ideas?  For a smaller investment, we will render a new concept design for your upcoming kitchen remodel which is a good first step in planning a new kitchen remodel. 4-5 images provided with finishes of your choice and one set of revisions. Some materials will not be exactly what you desire, but we will get them close for the renders. We will send an intake form to understand your desires and you will provide us with inspo photos, videos and photos of the existing space and a Canvas scan of the area. If you choose to move forward with construction, we will credit the price of this package to your Simple Kitchen Design documents so that you can source materials and get accurate contractor quotes. Having renders is of great value for the visualization of kitchen remodel ideas, it doesn’t work well for accurate quotes, because it lacks the details that cabinet, counter, and contractors need for accurate quoting.


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