Floor Plan Review


Floor plan review for functional layout. Redline and notes provided. $500 for first 2,000 sf, $500 for each additional 2,000 SF. Please add the correct quantity at checkout for your home’s square footage. Minimum investment is $500 for anything smaller than 2,000 SF. Full plan set with window and door schedules, cabinet elevations and electrical to be provided at time of purchase. If we don’t receive your plan set at the time of purchase, you will go in the HOLD file until they are received and then be moved to the cue for completion. Please email your plans to info@tripleheartspaces.com.



Do you need a professional floor plan review of your architectural plans prior to construction?  We evaluate floor plans for functional flow, cabinet layout, electrical, plumbing, average furnishings and other elements to help avoid costly mistakes during construction. Redline copy will be provided with notes and suggestions. No plan modifications or creation of CAD documents. We require a to scale PDF document with accurate measurements, or an architect’s plan set, both to include window and door schedules and cabinet elevations. If you need to create a floor plan for review of an existing space, we use Canvas technology and you can download an app on your iPhone 12pro or greater to order a set. Inquire if you want to use this method to determine what type of plan set to order from Canvas. Costs are based on SF with a minimum investment of $500 for redlines and $500 for every 2,000 SF over. Please purchase the appropriate quantity based on your estimated SF including the garage. Costs are $500 for first 2000 SF, and $500 for each additional 2000 SF. If you don’t purchase the correct amount needed for your plan set, your files will go in the HOLD file until ordered correctly.


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