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Designing a kitchen or bath can be an exciting but complex process. There are more remodel floor plan tools and apps than ever before. Are you seeking modern kitchen design, or timeless bathroom design? To ensure a successful project, it’s crucial to start with detailed dimensioned floor plans for any design aesthetic.

As a kitchen and bathroom designer, we discuss the importance of accurate floor plans. This article explains how accurate floor plans help homeowners receive accurate quotes from contractors. It also emphasizes the importance of comparing quotes based on detailed plans to make informed decisions.

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The Foundation: Detailed Dimensioned Floor Plans

When it comes to kitchen or bath design, having detailed dimensioned floor plans is the foundation of the entire project. Using a bathroom design app or a kitchen design tool, or if doing yourself, should emphasize detailed dimensions.

The detailed plans show not only how the space looks, but critical measurements. Important things like cabinets height and width, appliance centerlines, plumbing centerlines, and electrical switches and outlets. Code compliance should also be top of mind, as well as recommended best practices from the NKBA. A well designed bathroom or kitchen is a functional space way before it becomes beautiful.

Tile direction and layout of tile, height of mirrors and light fixtures, storage and cabinet function are all important details that must be considered and detailed.

Aesthetics: How to Choose Materials

Once you have planned your kitchen layout with a functional work triangle, then you will venture into selecting materials.

It is nearly impossible to select materials without a detailed floor plan. Knowing the specifications of materials when adding them into your design plan with notes and details is key. This gives thought to every decision you and your contractor need to understand.

Kitchen island details, kitchen flooring, work surface selections,  kitchen tile direction and layout, kitchen cabinet heights, cabinet door style, storage and cabinet function, and kitchen venting are all crucial details.

Our Remodel Design Planner or home remodel planner, walks you through organizing and sourcing those materials, it also shows how to set up your budget.

Material choices have to be planned as a whole and completely, otherwise you may get stuck making decisions on the fly. Tile edge details, grout and paint colors can’t be determined at the last minute. Getting ideas and analyzing photos from places like Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV and Instagram will help you begin to source materials. We always start with the flooring, and use a layering process described in our planner to build our design palette.

Accurate Quotes and Material Costs

Armed with accurate floor plans in hand, homeowners gain the ability to obtain precise quotes from contractors. If all of your material choices are made, this provides the ability to get a more accurate quote.

Contractors can evaluate the plans and provide estimates based on the dimensions and material requirements, or they can give averages on material costs for a solid baseline quote.

This lets homeowners compare quotes easily, so they can make smart choices and avoid surprises or mistakes later.

Avoiding Verbal Quotes

Without detailed plans for your kitchen or bathroom design, contractors may provide estimates based on assumptions or incomplete information.

This can result in variations in cost and scope, making it difficult to compare quotes accurately.


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Creating an Effective Scope of Work

Detailed dimensioned floor plans also serve as a crucial part of the Scope of Work. The floor plans, both as-built and proposed, along with the Scope of Work create detailed documents in your Contractor’s packet.

This avoids confusion and gives clear direction for your project to the contractor. For kitchen design or bathroom design, it is invaluable.

Collaborating with Remodel Professionals

Working with remodel professionals is more effective when you provide them with accurate floor plans.

It sets you up for clear communication with a contractor from the beginning and gives a solid starting point for the remodel. This also allows you to understand the baseline budget and then be able to finalize material pricing with accuracy.

Any contractor you work with should be providing detailed proposals and be able to discuss with you where price increases might happen, giving you peace of mind at the start of the project. 

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The Role of Technology

Advancements in technology have made it easier than ever to create detailed dimensioned floor plans. There are various free software programs available to use. If you don’t have the technical expertise, you can end up costing yourself more money.

Triple Heart Spaces uses a digital scan of the home from Canvas, and builds the designs in Chief Architect.

These tools enable precise measurements, accurate placement of fixtures, and the ability to visualize different design options. Understanding the industry standards and codes can be difficult, therefore hiring a professional like Triple Heart Spaces saves you the headaches. We have expertise in how to design a kitchen or bath!

Designing a kitchen or bath begins with detailed dimensioned floor plans. By having accurate plans in hand, homeowners can obtain accurate quotes from contractors, compare them effectively, and make informed decisions.

Remember, utilizing technology and collaborating with design professionals can further enhance the design process, by providing expertise and 3D images. Whichever direction you choose to go, make sure that you have all of the details and information you need before you start your remodel project.

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