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Every good remodel starts with a floor plan!

Floor Plan Designer


Need Floor Plans?  Utilizing the latest technology of Canvas and your LiDAR compatible device, you create a scan of the remodel area and order a Chief Architect plan set from the Canvas app. Once the files are delivered back to you, you will forward to us via email and purchase one of the packages below. Please include the property address in the subject line. Turn-around times vary. Purchase the as-built package below, detailed instructions in the description. We are currently only offering kitchen and bathroom plan sets, if you have need for a full home plan set, please email us with the address and needs and we will create a proposal.

With an as-built package, you will receive:

-PDF of existing floor plan with window and door schedule, elevation views of cabinets and wall details, SF of space, detailed dimensions for contractor quotes
-This plan set works well if you aren’t changing the footprint
-THS Design Fees for as-builts start at $500 (bathroom) plus the cost of the Canvas Scan at $.15/sf that you will own.

The plan set will be ready to get an initial quote from a contractor or other trade.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

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Having a hard time visualizing the new space? Starting with the as-built package you can add on a concept design. Using our expertise, current design trends and work flow patterns we will recommend the best design for the space. We use average size cabinets, appliances and fixtures (sourcing not included). You provide a couple of inspiration photos for the concept look. We create elevations appropriate for cabinet, counter and contractor quotes. No custom requests included in this package, you finalize all the details after you have selected materials. Minor wall movement only, no big structural or architectural changes included. This is perfect to help determine a remodel budget.  If you purchase the concept plans, please email us with the as-built property address and your ideas for the space. We will evaluate and send a questionnaire to clarify any questions.  Concept plans are only available as an add-on to the as-built package.

-New floor plan with elevation views
-Demo and proposed electrical plan pages
-Window, door and cabinet schedules as needed
-CAD file
-3D visualization
-One round of minor revisions only

*These plans will not be fully ready for permit submission if you are making structural changes and not working with an architect or structural engineer.

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