What is a

Floor Plan Review?


A floor plan review is a high level critical review of a home design that is ready for remodel or new construction. We cover all elements for successful functional layouts from window and door locations, cabinet plans and elevations, electrical, plumbing and flow for the optimum use of your spaces. This is powerful for avoiding costly mistakes, disfunctional areas, and confusion during the build process. Gain confidence and know your plan inside and out to empower you to guide your project to success. You are the driver for the outcome of the home that you desire to live in. Relying on, or trusting the other members of your team to execute without having a solid understanding of what it is you desire, will only leave you frustated.

Function, Function, Function

Just like the golden rule in real estate – location, location, location, a home has to priortize function, function, function over an aesthetically beautiful home because even if it is beautiful, it will be annoying if it doesn’t work. Flow and useability should be top of mind in every home.

What areas are evaluated?

We evaulate the whole home and utilize critical thinking skills and detailed dimensions to make sure it all works.

What is included?

  1. Redline and notes made on each page of your plan set. We aren’t rebuilding the plan that you currently have, we are noting the areas of concern and offering suggestions/solutions.
  2. Elevation reviews for cabinet layout and function.
  3. Review of window and door schedules  which seems simple in itselt, but this is where we find 90% error rate.
  4. Review of electrical lighting types, outlets and switch locations.
  5. Basic furniture size and flow suggestions for ease of sourcing and potential problems you don’t foresee.

What are typical areas of concern that are found on architectural plan sets?

Several factors contribute to a successful home floor plan, and it takes a few different approaches to garner the end result that works. Architects typically design from the outside in. Their focus is on structural elements, the beauty of the roof rise, the window balance and placement and the footprint of the space. While some are very adept at getting the interior right, many miss key elements because they are more focused on the exterior. Having a strong design eye and an understanding of construction and functional layouts, we catch things that many miss. Now, we may not hit 100%, but we will give you a solid awareness so that while your build is happening you know how to evaluate and ask questions on site. We typically find windows that are misplaced and sized incorrectly, walkways that are not large enough, light switches and lighting placed incorrectly, cabinet and appliance layouts that don’t work, and awkward spaces that can be reconfigured to maximize use.

redline floor plans Triple Heart Spaces

How long does it take for the floor plan review?

It really depends on the plan set and the size of the home, but on average we will return the redline and notes in less than a week. We work on a first in, first out to ensure that everyone experiences the same turn-around. We will respond after an order is submitted and give an estimated completion time. You must submit your plan set within an hour of purchase, or your order will go in the HOLD cue until we receive the correct documents. 

What do you need to provide us?

We need a full plan set from your architect or an online purchase with floor plan views, elevation views, window, door and cabinet schedules and electrical diagrams.  Many plan sets do not come with cabinet schedules, just basic layout. Part of our full-service design is to complete a full cabinet design layout with schedules and details to get accurate quotes from the supplier.

Does Triple Heart Spaces rework floor plans and elevations?

If you want a redesign of your current whole home plan set, this would be a separate engagement from our redline review. We offer full-service interior design through Triple Heart Design and we offer concept plans for kitchen and bathrooms here.