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Is Canvas difficult to use?

It is extremely easy!  We’ve found that making sure you cover the space with the cloud, ensuring that there are no dark spaces, and opening any window treatments or doors works the best. If there are rooms adjacent to the space to be remodeled and you are thinking you may want to expand the space, then scan those adjacent rooms too.  It doesn’t matter if you go back over an area that you already scanned, just as long as everything (floor and ceiling too) is covered in white. 

What if I want a custom design plan?

This product was designed for the DIY remodeler that is comfortable choosing their own materials. Because we are concepting to a standard, it doesn’t work to do any customization as those aspects are tied to material choices.  Materials really drive the elevation details, and would fall under our full service design, as we spend a tremendous amount of time making sure we have sourced the perfect materials and that our drawings reflect all the details for them.

Can I order just a concept plan?

No, because the digital scan of the space that creates the as-built is the foundation for our concept plans. After we create the file in Chief Architect, then we utilize the as-built plan for the detailed foundation of the concept plan. We need the dimensions and measurements captured in the as-builts.

Do we have to order the concept plan from Triple Heart?

No!  After you have done the digital scan through canvas, you will own those files.  If you change your mind about ordering as-builts from us, you can do that at any time. The concept plan is a separate purchase, so you determine if you want to order that set as well.

How is this a cost savings, it seems really expensive?

Full-service interior design starts at $10,000, where we are building, planning sourcing, and designing all aspects of the kitchen remodel. With the concept plan sets, we are using our design expertise, industry standards and construction documents to relay the information to the contractor, less any material choices. This saves a tremendous amount of time and gives clarity to the design intent for the space. It also allows you to focus on selecting materials with confidence. Over 2/3 of the time we dedicate to full service interior design is sourcing materials and samples. 

Why do we need to purchase the as-built plans and the concept plans?

The as-built plan set is the detailed drawings of the existing space. We use this file to set-up the concept plan set with the new space details and it is a completely new file. We also build demo plans and electrical based on the existing plans, giving the contractor specific directions as to how the new plan will function. Having a plan set for the contractor to review, and send to subs is invaluable in bidding a remodel project. Everyone needs detailed dimensions to accomplish their jobs.

Why can't I just ask the contractor for a quote?

Contractors can walk the space with you, discuss design intent, and give a general idea of cost. Because they are quoting off of a discussion and unknown material choices, they can only give you an estimate. Having a detailed set of drawings with all aspects of the remodel covered, not only give them the ability to bid your project accurately, but they give clarity to all elements of the remodel.

Why is it a good idea to have a remodel design plan?

A remodel design plan is the road map for any successful remodel. If you aren’t familiar with the remodel process and all of the decisions that need to be made, creating a functional design plan is essential. It adds a level of clarity that is unmatched in the remodel world. Too many times clients engage with contractors with little to no clarity, and budget overages or mistakes happen adding layers of frustration to an already stressful process. Contractors are only as good as the information that is given to them, so if you aren’t clear in your directions with a design plan, you are bound to be disappointed.

If I am not hiring Triple Heart for full-service, how do I successfully organize my project?

We have written a Remodel Design Planner that walks through all the steps to set-up your remodel project successfully. With our floor plan sets completed, you then are working on sourcing and organizing all of the material choices, which is a big job in itself. Our planner walks you through each aspect of the design plan, and gives you tools to organize and present your plan to the contractor.

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