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kitchen Design and bath Design

modern kitchen remodel
Kitchen Remodel Plan

Using industry standards and our design expertise, we create a functional layout for your new kitchen. 

modern walk in shower
Bath Remodel Plan

Creating a beautiful space with high function is top of mind. Storage, flow and universal design are key areas of focus.

Simplifying the remodel process

We understand how expensive a kitchen remodel Austin, Tx  and we know the frustration in trying to plan a successful remodel. Many homeowners are looking for an affordable solution, but don’t know where to start. Free design apps can help, but they don’t teach all you need to know for a successful remodel. Our floor plan remodel tool keeps the process simple.

As an award winning kitchen designer Austin, Tx, we help bring clarity to the kitchen and bath design process without the price of full service design. Because we aren’t sourcing all the materials, but instead giving you guidance to source your own, you save thousands. Along with our remodel floor plan sets, we wrote a Remodel Design Planner to guide you through each step.   All good remodels start with detailed floor plans.

Our service uses the technology of Canvas to digitally scan your space with your IPhone or Ipad equipped with a LiDAR camera. This allows us to service homes nationwide. The scan creates a CAD file that we upload into Chief Architect with all the details to create construction documents with elevations and 3D views.

This saves you time and money. Using our design sensibilities and kitchen remodel expertise, we create concept plans of your kitchen design or bathroom design that will add clarity for you and your contractor. We KNOW kitchen and bathroom design and we will guide you through the process with expert advice. You can also hire us for full service kitchen remodel Austin, Tx if you choose with Triple Heart Design.

Having detailed floor plans allows you to get accurate quotes and focus on sourcing the beautiful materials with confidence!

As-built plans

Utilizing the power of technology to digitally scan the home, we create the existing floor plan of your kitchen or bathroom as the foundation to create a new remodel design. Detailed dimensions are key.

concept plans

Our expertise and experience guides you through creating the perfect functional layout for your new space. We think of everything to guide you through a successful remodel.

design expertise

As an award winning designer, we are making notes, suggestions and details to help you in getting accurate contractor quotes, and sourcing your beautiful materials.

scope of work

We create the scope of work to add clarity for the contractor. By following the order of a project, it makes it simple for them to follow.

Affordable Design

Because we aren’t sourcing materials, collecting samples, and working with specifications, we save you thousands of dollars.

Contractor’s Packet

We create the existing floor plan, demo plan, framing and proposed electrical, elevation views and 3Ds where possible. We give you all you need to plan a remodel.

Our Services


With an as-built package, you will receive:

-PDF of existing floor plan with window and door schedule, elevation views of cabinets and wall details, SF of space, detailed dimensions for contractor quotes
-Expert recommendations and notes to discuss with your contractor
-This plan set works well if you aren’t changing the footprint
-THS Design Fees for as-builts start at $500 (bathroom) plus the cost of the Canvas Scan at $.15/sf that you will own.

The plan set will be ready to get an initial quote from a contractor or other trade.

Concept Plan

Concept remodel plans are only available as an add-on to the as-built package. We create a contractor’s packet:

-New floor plan with elevation views
-Demo and proposed electrical plan pages
-Window, door and cabinet schedules as needed
-CAD file
-3D visualization
-One round of minor revisions only

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