Remodel Floor Plans

Are you looking for kitchen remodel ideas or bathroom remodel ideas?

Do you need affordable design help and don’t have the budget for full-service interior design? We’ve got just the plans for you!

modern kitchen render

Simplifying the remodel process for those who want to tackle more on their own.

How does it work?

Our service uses the technology of Canvas to digitally scan your space with your IPhone or Ipad equipped with a LiDAR camera. This creates a CAD file that we upload into Chief Architect with all the details to create construction documents, the ability to model the home with elevations, and 3D views. This saves you time and money. Using our design sensibilities and remodel expertise, we create concept plans of your kitchen design ideas or bathroom design ideas that will add clarity for you and your contractor.

Floor Plan Designer

Why do you need floor plans?

bathroom remodel concept plan

Not everyone has the budget for full-service interior design, but everyone needs affordable floor plans to start their project right.  All remodels start with an existing floor plan (as-built). Getting quotes from good contractors, cabinet vendors, tile and counters can be daunting and the need for detailed dimensions is critical. Elevation views, 3D visuals and notes all add clarity for your kitchen or bath remodel. Once the as-built plans are complete, we can also build concept plans for your remodel.

What are the steps for a successful remodel plan?

how to plan a remodel